Paint September ~ Day 4

Paint September ~ Day 4

Float On, Free Spirit…~

This piece was inspired by my dear friend, Jaren Vitale…a true Free Spirit who recognizes the same in me  and who always positively encourages my art/creativity and gently pushes me to reach higher.

Original Ink & Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

6 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 4

  1. your lovely distillations have a terrific freshness and an intensity … i look forward to much more in September. tony

    • Thank you, Tony:) Striving to be disciplined with my art and very actively posting this month…lofty but well intentioned goals;) Your words are welcome…always so beautifully written.

  2. Thank you.for giving me credit for inspiring you in the creation of this amazing art. Ironic because you inspire me to keep striving to fulfull lifelong dreams. Words are totally inadequate. The sharing is priceless.

    • Of course…That’s what we do…inspire each other to be better and to do more. Our friendship is a gift. So glad that you like the painting, Jaren. Happy, to know this one will live with you:)

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