5 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 3

  1. She is lovely…beautiful work Shell…you do have a great natural style with faces, although this lady really needs a hug! She looks forlorn I feel…pretty but a little bereft :))) (GREAT to see you doing what I think you do best…making beautiful pictures)

    • She does, doesn’t she… Sad eyes, maybe… Just the way the lines flowed;) But, personally enjoying so much the process. I’d say it’s still too early to see how I’ll do with the discipline part of this monthly project, but just the fact that my paints are out before 11am is a good thing;) Thank you for your words D…you’ll help push me along.

    • Thank you:) Oh, inspired by many things…the list changes from day to day. But at the moment, I am inspired by my love of the sea which I miss deeply, mark making with ink…the permanence of it appeals to me greatly, the idea of layers and what is seen and not… Feeling in love with my paints again, and it has been a while, as I spend more of my time designing for home decor markets than painting. But a painting a day is a nice goal for this moment in time. I appreciate your kind words and your interest:)

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