Paint September ~ Day 1

Paint September ~ Day 1

Shells for Shell, naturally.

~ Watched with interest as some really lovely work from the participants of #DrawingAugust swept through my twitter stream each day of my favorite month of the year.

But a new month brings a new project, this time called #PaintSeptember. Though I do design work nearly every day, I don’t always pick up the paintbrush, which is something I dearly miss. Painting is good for my heart…slows the world down around me for a bit and lets me either think deeply or not at all, both wonderful in the moment. So I have decided to join in. Not sure I will paint every single day, but I will make a solid effort to post, even if just a watercolor wash and a touch of ink. A little focused discipline…good for Shell…Let’s see how it goes;)

Gratitude to Haidee-Jo Summers (@HaideeJoSummers) for the inspired idea and Dean Lewis (@OlderThanevil) for organizing 125+artists as of this posting on day 1…Sure to grow:)

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

2 thoughts on “Paint September ~ Day 1

  1. Even your little doodles are such precious jewels…I can see that they’re painted straight from the heart of your soul.
    I may try to at least show solidarity even if I suspect it may be too ambitious for me to create every day but I will be certainly watching and supporting and continuing to be inspired
    As always your friend and fan David

    • Thank you, David:) Thought it might be good for me to wade in…a little structure;) Will do my best and of course, counting on you for the right words to keep pushing me along. Come join me as you can. No one should swim alone;)

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