Paint September ~ Day 30 ~ Drenched Salty

Paint September ~ Day 30 ~ Drenched Salty

Dip me gently in the ocean
Bathe me in blue,
Absorbing energy, I float…
Drenched salty ~

End of the month means that Painting September comes to an end…loved it. Was great for me, for my creative soul and spirit. Though admittedly, I am ready to take a little break:) Love to all for kind support all month long. A painting a day is no easy feat..I did my best as time, life and energy allowed.  I’ll be formally adding all the available watercolors to my blog or website soon…give me a little time to get organized;) My deepest gratitude to all who have already inquired or purchased works… ~ Shell



Original Ink & Watercolor Michelle Rummel

Inspired by…Hands ~

Inspired by...Hands ~

Of curious interest to me…the way the hand moves, fingers touch…reach, grasp, hold, hide. I study them…love to paint them. Sometimes get the lines right and sometimes…not so much;)

My Pinterest Board often provides a starting point for a sketch…here, I share with you a few of the images that inspire.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. I would sketch for hours, the margins of my school notebooks filled with studies of make believe gowns. I was good at imagining the finishes, the details, the lines… and isn’t there just something so marvelously wonderful about a woman in a fancy dress? :)

In quiet moments, when I let myself daydream with pen in hand, glimpses of my girlhood dreams seem to come forward… the lines just flow. Brings a smile, actually…to know that some dreams stay with us, no matter our life path.

Original Ink & Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Paint September ~ Day 26 ~ A Quiet Shell

Paint September ~ Day 26 ~ A Quiet Shell

My mind was elsewhere…

A gentle afternoon, just me and my paintbrush and a blank watercolor page that whispered to me the direction I needed to go in today.

Missing deeply, the ocean. So I painted a seashell…the kind I only dream of finding as my beach usually has little else but stones and slivers.

Like pigment on wet paper, my thoughts flowed and merged as they wished. I let them drift, happy in the moment… Quietly content ~

Original Ink and Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

Paint September ~ Day 25 ~ Where She Belongs

Paint September ~ Day 25 ~ Where She Belongs

Somewhere out beyond the blue where salty sea meets sky…

And… a late addition to the post;)

A Twitter Haiku, that floated  my way by my twitter friend, Robert Moore, @medialabrat. Ok, truth is I put him on the spot but I think he liked it;)

Fifty shades of grey

deflect attention from my

color filled center :)


Original Watercolor and Ink ~ ©Michelle Rummel