Wash Over Me

Wash Over Me

So, I had this dream…

I was crawling over an endless sea of large boulders…struggling, feeling so small, because they were immense. Smooth though, like glass, which made it virtually impossible to scale them. I kept slipping over surface…eventually gliding smoothly down, down, down….to the quiet depths below. But it was ok with me, because it felt good there…comforting and familiar. So, I’d climb, slide, fall, sit a while…rest, think…eat a piece of chocolate ;) …and this repeated for some time. Finally, I made it to the top of the largest boulder and gazed out upon the most beautiful sight…the sea. The waves were rolling azure and raindrops were dripping and melting from these bubble clouds of softest hues. The shoreline was gentle and reflective and welcoming. And I wanted to be there. And so with renewed energy and determination, I slid over rock and boulder, in and out and over and under …eventually making my way to solid ground at waters edge and there I stood for a long, long time, letting the rain wash over me.

Original Watercolor ©Michelle Rummel

11 thoughts on “Wash Over Me

  1. I so admire your works and to read this helps me to understand more.
    I will continue to try to find my style in art.
    Yup inspire me to try.
    Thank you

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