4 thoughts on “Watery Blues Bring Me Elsewhere…

  1. Simply beautiful Shell…
    The beauty of the female form… softness and strength abide unmatched elsewhere in nature… water has those characteristics… soft to the touch… yet strong enough to continually shape the shoreline… or to turn a jagged rock into a smooth stone… or to allow you… as an artist… to move your colors “around the page”.
    Water is beautiful… as the ocean or a lake… nothing shimmers in the sunlight as brilliantly as water… reflecting the sun… or extending a sunrise or sunset onto its wet canvas… all the way to the horizon… water can hold our thoughts captive with the curves and the foamy crests of its waves… nothing can match the majesty and power of the oceans waves… hear them crashing on the shoreline and you know it’s true… but the curves and the elegant shape of the female form reveal a strength in softness… that all the oceans waters can never match.
    Men have built boats throughout the ages to sail out onto the waters that have captured his imagination… exploring the ocean from shore to shore… but the female form captures his imagination in a way that reaches much deeper than the depth of the ocean… luscious curves… soft warm lines… sensual strength… that has kept many a boat docked… as the sailor seeks to explore the unmatched beauty of the female form.

  2. How beautiful, your words, Len… Enjoyed so much your thoughtful comment, Thank you. You should write more often (your words here are lovely but your own blog, I mean;) Hoping that my art can somehow become a catalyst…Perhaps a gentle push is all you need.

    We both share a love of the ocean…it is a central force in both of our lives, a place of comfort and healing and breath. Watercolors are for me, a logical medium of choice. They allow me to get closer to that which I love and need. The figurative work has been pouring out of me for some time…they just seem to come easy to me. I call them ‘figurative landscapes’ because they have elements of land and sea within the abstracted brushstrokes and pen marks…yes, strength in softness…. I am glad you see and feel that. I am hoping to push them a bit further…have some thoughts on what I’d like to do…and, notably, I have never painted a male form. I feel that day coming… ~

  3. I look forward to seeing the progress of your ‘figurative landscapes’ Shell. Your art and your encouragement have been a catalyst for me to focus again on writing. I often need more than a gentle push though. You’ve been training hard so if you feel the need to push hard I can take that too. ;)

    We do have in common a love of the ocean… I had a few sentences here (that I just deleted) that spoke of the emotions the ocean draws out of me and how your art has a similar effect as I am pulled into what you’ve made. If I had continued in that it would have been a very long comment… I will say this… I can gaze out at the sea and I’m in a different world for a time… a world where my dreams become as real as the wet sand and the salt-water breeze and the gentle crashing of the waves…. where I can lose myself for awhile and in turn maybe find a piece of me that has been long buried inside. Your art is like that for me… but… it is much more too. I see in the layers… in the colors you chose… the implied textures… in the way the lines merge… or don’t… something else… of you… from you… in you… wanting to come out…

    If you do begin to paint the male form… and need a model… I can sit still for you. :)

  4. reTraining…oh, I’m strong, but I think you have it on me, Tough Mudder and all;), but…. I will continue to push a bit when it comes to the writing. Your stories should be told and of course, you do it well.

    Yes, much within the layers. I put as much of myself out there as I can, within those brushstrokes. Is up to the viewer to discern what they see/feel… Endlessly interesting to me:)

    Male modeling…your next calling;) Excellent!

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