Feel Your way

Feel Your way

Feel Your Way….slide, sink, slink, climb, crawl, float, glide….
Navigate by instinct.
The hell with the map…

I was creatively prolific in early 2010 when this painting came to be, grateful for the inspiration and the ease in which the paintings were flowing from my fingertips. At that time, there were many unexpected changes in my life, most notably a significant change in direction in regard to my art, my fine art business, the way in which I created and the types of designs that truly resonated with me and which I wanted to paint. It was a personal journey with no clear roadmap. I learned to rely on my own internal voice time and time again, even when it was seemingly leading me waaaay off the logical path and into scary new terrain. I wrote the prophetic words that accompanied this painting back in 2010 with no concept of where I would be standing only a few short years later , building a brand and a thriving art licensing business…  a magnificent journey in its own right. It shows me that anything and everything is possible….Instinct is often the most valuable sense we hold. Hold it close…hold it dear.

Words and Original Watercolor © Michelle Rummel

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